Who we are

A legacy in print. 

For the last 75 years, the Vindagua has been a voice of Lee University. This past year, we have adventured into the world of magazine. As of now, we are a biannual publication that is distributed at the end of every semester. We strive to focus on telling the stories of students. We want to see where they're going in the community. We want to know the important issues that matter to them and we want to educate students on newsworthy pieces in the community and allow them to read about topics to allow them to be culturally conscious. It moves and motivates me to lead a staff of editors and designers who are focused on telling the raw stories of people who make up this university and community.

Our goal for design is to produce a publication based on minimalism, so that students might be able to focus solely on story and photograph when the open it. As we embark on a very important year to Lee University, the centennial celebration, I’m hopeful for you to see how this event has inspired us in creation of these next two issues.

Truly, the best is yet to come.

Julia Minucci, Editor-in-Chief

The Vindagua is distributed at the conclusion of each semester. This year, it will be on Reading Day, Wednesday April 25.  The cost of the magazine is included in a fee within each students' tuition and cannot be negotiated or refunded. Every student is welcome to a copy. The Vindagua Photo Booth is available upon registration for campus and non-university affiliated organizations.

Interested in working for us? Email the editor-in-chief at for more information.